The Clinical Negligence Debate 2019 | 28 February 2019

The Midland Hotel, Manchester

The Clinical Negligence Debate is taking place on 28 February 2019 at The Midland Hotel, Manchester

All around clinical negligence, tighter regulation is being enacted in a bid to reduce abuse and control spiralling costs. At the same time, the NHS is facing multiple crises due to a shortage in funding. It’s no surprise then that clinical negligence claims are the next target for fixed costs, as legislators react to demands to rein in £2 billion in expenditure annually.

But what is the cost of this control? The Clinical Negligence Debate will consider fixed recoverable costs for clinical negligence claims, with claimant and defendant lawyers assessing the benefits and drawbacks, and exploring what else can be done to maintain access to justice while protecting the NHS from spurious claims. Top physicians will also explore the implementation of advice from legal experts on issues such as consent, and how the NHS can overcome institutional hindrances to become more transparent and better at delivering high-quality care.

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