Rebecca Fenton

Rebecca Fenton joined the Hayes team in 2011, taking on an Administrational role which included obtaining medical records on behalf of Solicitors. Rebecca Fenton believes that her organisation skills, coupled with a desire for quality service and efficiency were key in allowing her to take on a number of other roles and responsibilities within Hayes, leading to the current position of Managing Director.

‘I have always been keen to develop myself, the company and staff around me. Pushing to deliver the best quality service and grow a respected reputation among all Associates is a goal that has been passed down to all that work with Hayes. I find it important to keep an overview of all cases types and keep the team updated on upcoming changes in the industry, to ensure that Hayes can aim to be a step ahead.’

While emphasising the importance of providing the best service on all requests, in particular Rebecca Fenton gains the most job satisfaction when the team assists on serious injury cases and those people worst affected, knowing that they may make a significant difference to them and their recovery.