Not quite a nation of good samaritans


A large minority of people injured in accidents have not been helped by passers-by according to new research.


A survey commissioned by National Accident Helpline has found that although 95% of respondents claimed they would help someone hurt in an accident, only 60% of those who have been injured in the past have received attendants by witnesses or people nearby.


Accident victims also told researchers that more than 60% of them didn't receive an apology from the person who caused their injury, with many leaving the scene with acknowledging an incident.


National Accident Helpline marketing director Beth Powell said: “We pride ourselves on being a nation that helps others when they’re in need. It’s upsetting to think that in reality, we’re often happy to turn a blind eye.”


The study also revealed that 42% of those who had been injured stated that they made an injury claim to ensure that no one else had to go through the same experience again.


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