Neil Hudgell Solicitors supports brain injury victim’s epic marathon challenge


Neil Hudgell Solicitors has supported a brain injury victim who has run four marathons over four days across the Ibiza coastline to raise money for fellow sufferers.

The firm donated the money to cover the cost of Paul Spence’s support vehicle for the event, which took place during Action for Brain Injury Work between 18 and 24 May.

Spence recently established his own charity, Paul – My Brain Recovery – and has already helped many not only in the UK, but internationally, by charting a timeline of his recovery, and the difficulties he and his family faced, on his website.

Prior to the event, Spence said that it would be the biggest challenge of his life.

“I am going to be running in heat of around 27 to 28 degrees, and doing back to back marathons is going to be tough, so I will be needing my support team, of that there is no doubt. I’ve been training well though, and have been doing two or three marathons a week recently to get ready,” he said.

“This challenge is all about proving to people at the start of that road to recovery that it is possible, and hopefully raising more money towards my goal of opening a facility which can truly make a big difference to many peoples’ lives.”

Neil Hudgell Solicitors is one of a number of local businesses which has donated funds to cover the cost of the challenge. Spence will now also work with the firm’s brain injury specialists to provide extra support to clients needing to overcome the same challenges he did to return their lives to as close to normality as possible.

Managing director Neil Hudgell said: “We are delighted to be supporting Paul for his Ibiza challenge. Paul is determined to be an inspiration to others who suffer brain injuries and to be a great example of how you can come through those difficult days to a better life.

“We will be working closely with Paul moving forward to offer extra support to our clients who have suffered brain injuries. Paul knows first-hand the difficulties they will face, both physically and emotionally, and understands the impact such injuries have not only on the individual, but those close to them.”


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