Ageas to roll out artificial intelligence in motor claims handling


Ageas is set to be the first UK insurer to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) when handling motor claims.

Working in partnership with Tractable, an AI technology specialist company, the insurer will use AI to perform expert visual appraisals. The technology in question, called AI Approval, is supposed to save time and costs in the claims handling process.

Ageas completed a successful first-stage pilot at the end of 2016 with AI Approval performing analysis of several thousand vehicle images involved in accidents or requiring repair. Across the claims, Ageas’s motor engineers were able to verify AI Approval’s findings, which showed that they could save time and focus on more complex matters. As part of the ongoing pilot, Ageas is now going live with the technology to help its engineers verify the performance of its UK-wide repair networks in managing customers’ motor claims.

Tractable’s AI Approval works by using software to view images of vehicle damage and makes an assessment within seconds, streamlining a traditionally manual process. Repair estimates can be quickly reviewed and authorised, ensuring reliability and speed throughout the claims process. The technology connects with insurers’ back office systems to streamline claim management processes. It also identifies and flags any suspicious claims for investigation to help prevent fraud.

Ageas’s transformation director Rob Smale, said: “We are comfortable to go against the grain and try new things to ensure we achieve the right outcomes. The results of our initial pilot are impressive and I’m keen to progress to using this technology at scale.”

Alex Dalyac, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tractable, said: “Our AI understands imagery like experts do. It will impact any industry that relies on visual tasks.

“In automotive, where car driving is the visual task, AI and autonomous vehicles are transforming the industry. The same will happen in property & casualty insurance, where claim appraisal is the visual task. AI will eventually enable claim settlement in minutes. Our success with Ageas is a thrilling first step. It’s a delight working with such a pioneering insurer.”




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