Three insurers take on FLS software to save claim surveyors up to 50% in average mileage rates


Three insurers in the UK and Europe have adopted scheduling software created by Fast Lean Smart (FLS) in the hope of significantly reducing the amount of time spent on the road by claim surveyors.

The insurers – who have asked FLS to remain unnamed – will use the software, which is called FLS VISITOUR, to try and improve appointment booking, workforce scheduling and routing of their claims assessors, including motor engineers and property surveyors. During one pilot, one of the insurers saw as much as a 50% reduction in average mileage for its staff, saving them two hours of driving time a day.

VISITOUR works by enabling a central claims liaison team to instantly offer a flexible choice of timeslots to surveyors. These are chosen as the most cost efficient to achieve with an insurer’s available field based resources.

Two of the insurers have also deployed FLS MOBILE. This tool enables paper-free provision of case information, capture of assessment reports, and real-time appointment status updates. The field information gathered by the tool also makes it possible to track progress to make sure it is on-time, to automatically message customers with estimated arrival times, and to book new same day appointments based on progress.

FLS UK managing director, Jeremy Squire, said: “We are very proud of the success and benefits achieved using VISITOUR by our customers. In partnership with these insurance market leaders, FLS will continue to develop the unique capabilities of VISITOUR to their advantage”.





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