RSA subscribes to CRIF pet insurance database to identify claims fraud


RSA has subscribed to the industry’s first centralised pet insurance claims database to help fight claims fraud in the area.

Launched by CRIF Decision Solutions, CACHE Pet imports current and historic claims data and provides a centralised industry platform from which members are able to share claims data to detect and prevent pet insurance claims fraud. It can also reduce the claims life cycle by fast tracking genuine claimants, which cuts costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Adele Sumner, head of fraud intelligence & strategic development at RSA said that ABI statistics released in April had shown that the number and cost of pet insurance claims reached record levels in 2016. Insurers received over 2,500 claims every day and paid out a record £706 million over the course of the year, making it vital for them to get a grip on costs and fraud.

“At RSA we are proud to support our genuine customers with the care of their pets and we are determined to reduce the impact of fraud on our policyholders,” she said.

“The counter fraud successes derived from shared industry databases in the motor, household and personal injury sectors provide pet insurers with an opportunity to identify fraud to protect our honest customers and prevent fraudulent claims. We look forward to collaborating with our fellow pet insurers and collectively benefiting from a better understanding of the fraud risks facing our individual organisations and the pet insurance sector.”

CRIF is currently in talks with a number of pet insurers and expects to announce further subscribers to the new database shortly. Membership is free with no joining fee and a transactional charge for searching the database is based on insurer size and volume of business. Service accessibility is equally flexible with options including manual web interface, overnight batch transfer and real time claim assessment.

Sara Costantini, Director at CRIF Decision Solutions said: “We are delighted to welcome RSA on board with CACHE Pet. It is our plan to continue to innovate to make this facility ground-breaking for insurers with enriched data services providing a holistic view of the claimant and their claims history, together with the vet, their treatment records and practice information. We also envisage extending the service in the future to support insurers further with a comprehensive quote and underwriting process as well as overall customer engagement during the insurance life cycle.”


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