Hudgell Solicitors marks 20th anniversary with intention to cement its position as one of the UK’s leading law firms


Hudgell Solicitors has marked its 20th year by outlining its intentions to cement its position as one of the UK’s leading law firms.

Neil Hudgell established the practice on 1 September 1997, having being offered the opportunity to take over three offices at the firm where he was employed, after it ran into difficult times.

Since then he has grown the business from a local company operating in all areas of law to establishing a reputation as leading personal injury and medical negligence specialists, representing thousands of clients across the UK.

In the past 18 months Hudgell Solicitors has moved into three new freehold offices in Hull, Leeds and London, seen rapid growth in handling civil liberties and police misconduct cases, and forged its way to becoming one of the top 150 law firms in the UK with a turnover of more than £12 million.

Key to its development has been the firm’s track record of acquiring caseloads from other firms exiting the PI market as squeezes on fees, increases in the small claims limit and restrictions on the entitlement to claim for certain injury types all impact on the industry.

The firm is now approaching its 50th completed deal since establishing its www.webuyanyfiles offer in 2011. Just last month it acquired of all cases from personal injury specialists Hinchliffes Solicitors, while it purchased London-based Josie Robinson Solicitors in June, which works in the area of sports injuries.

Hudgell has said that the firm’s priority, since its inception, has been to deliver the best possible customer service.

“From day one I was of the mind-set that my firm was going to be client led,” he said.

“In my opinion, lawyers all too often are not focussed on the customer service of their work and simply the legal side of things, but at the end of the day, that is what we provide.

“You have to ask, what extra you are giving to your clients? At the end of the day, clients can easily find someone else who knows the law. What they want is someone to care about their case and situation, care about looking after their needs and give them the best possible service.

“In that sense, nothing has changed about the firm. It was the priority at the start and remains so now. You always have to remember that is what you are there to do as a business grows and changes over the years.”

Hudgell added that the challenge for the firm now was to maintain its position and strength in the years to come.

“That is why it has been so important to look at new ways of working, introduce greater efficiencies into the legal process whilst improving customer service and developing new areas of work,” he added.




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