Third of dash-cam users do so due to concerns over crash-for-cash gangs


A study of 2,134 UK motorists carried out by Aviva insurance has found that a third of those either using or planning to use dash-cams are motivated by concerns over crash-for-cash gangs.

The motorists said that they would use a dash-cam because they are worried about fraudulent motor claims and staged accidents. Aviva has said that their concerns are not without foundation. The insurer is currently investigating more than 16,000 suspicious bodily injury claims and declined one in ten whiplash claims for proven or suspected fraud in 2016.

Aviva also discovered that almost one in five (17%) of drivers currently use a dash-cam, while a further 30% of motorists plan to use one in the near future.

The company estimates that 19 million UK motorists could be using dash-cams within the next year.

Safety is also a key consideration for many people who use or plan to use dash-cams, with 42% of drivers saying they feel safer when using one. The most common motive for using a dash-cam is a desire for proof of any incidents on the roads – a reason given by 76% of motorists who own or intend to own a dash-cam.

Paul Heybourne, head of digital innovation operations at Aviva said: “Innovation is having a huge impact on all aspects of our lives, and driving is no exception. Technology is helping to make journeys safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable.

“In some cases, devices such as telematics are helping to make motoring cheaper, the prevalence of GPS and navigation in our cars and on our smartphones has made map-reading a thing of the past for many car users, and dash cams are helping drivers feel safer.”


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