Negative reputation of insurance claims found to be undeserved


The public’s general negative perception of claims is undeserved, according to new research.

Insurance claims review website Claims Rated has questioned a thousand people online from across England, Scotland and Wales about their view on claiming back money from insurance companies and found that 59% of them believe that making a claim is “daunting, complicated and time-consuming”. The survey also discovered that 38% of respondents did not feel insurance companies do their best to make the claims process as simple as possible. However, 71% of those who have made a claim said that their experience was good or very good.

In addition, half of those questioned said that they did have trust that insurance companies would pay out, either in full or part, should they need to claim. This though fell to 37% of 16-29s, signalling a potential problem among the industry’s future customers.

When asked whether the claims experience was important to a purchase of home, car, gadget, travel and pet insurance, 70% believed it was, going up to 75% for travel and 79% for home.

Claims Rated founder James Clarke (pictured above) said: “According to our research, a quarter of British consumers find choosing a general insurance product either complicated or very complicated.

“It is well researched and also shown by our survey that price is a dominant factor for consumers when buying an insurance policy. However, any policy is only ever as good as the quality of the service you receive when you need to call on the cover provided.”


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