Closomat enters personal injury market


Closomat, a provider of intimate care solutions for people with disabilities, is targeting personal injury case managers with what it calls “a viable alternative to dealing with the needs of claimants”.

Claimants in need of a degree of adaptation to their homes as a result of injury have historically had to compromise between style and support, according to Closomat.

With the arrival of Closomat into the personal injury market, case managers now have a viable alternative.

Through just one point of contact, case managers can specify the appropriate fixture, have it installed, commissioned, serviced and, if needed, repaired.

Closemat’s new case management system is a “unique offering, and a vital one”, according to Robin Tuffley, marketing manager at Closomat.

“As a nation, the British don’t discuss toilet matters. Or if they do, it is a subject of humour.
But what if you suddenly have an injury that means you can’t get on and off the loo, wipe your bottom? Imagine how that impacts on you. What if there’s then a problem with the fixture?”

“If you’re the case manager, you can imagine how your client is going to react. You want to know you have the right support network behind you, too.”

Tuffley added: “Dealing with a claimant can be stressful as it is, helping them focus on the impact on their life, and adjust. If we can reduce the stress levels, for claimant and case manager, improve their health and wellbeing, in our book that can only be good. It’s about the right balance.”


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