Insurance industry to fund PI portal, says ABI


The Association of British Insurers (ABI) has confirmed that the insurance industry will fund the creation of a new online portal for personal injury claims, after government ministers accepted its offer in principle.

According to the ABI’s statement: “We confirm that the government has accepted an offer in principle from the insurance industry to fund the initial build for the new portal, which will be managed via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.”

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has reacted negatively to the news.

APIL president Brett Dixon said: “The decision by ministers to allow the ABI to fund the IT for the proposed new small claims system is something that APIL has never supported and has argued against at every opportunity.”

“Our concern is that it will undermine the ability of the claimant to hold the person who caused the injury to account.”

Low-value claims are under significant pressure, with ministers deciding recently to introduce whiplash reforms in April 2019.

The initial focus of whiplash reforms will be on introducing changes related to road traffic accident claims. Further personal injury reforms are expected to come later.


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