Eviid and LV= unveil app-less video uploader


Tech company eviid has launched a new video uploader that doesn’t require policyholders to download an app when submitting evidence for a claim.

The eviid Uploader was developed in close conjunction with LV= and fills an important gap in insurers’ ability to handle multimedia evidence.

Until now, most policyholders would need to download an app to submit evidence, or resize or reformat files before sending them.

The eviid Uploader system is web-based, so works using a simple link that can be sent to the policyholder via email or text. It supports large files and automatically virus-checks, right-sizes and formats each file before sending them straight into the insurer’s systems, saving them in the right place and context.

According to eviid, the new system has already reduced the time it takes for claims handlers to access policyholder-submitted video or images by 98%.

Martin Milliner, claims director at LV=, commented: “The development of the eviid Uploader is a landmark moment for us. While we’ve previously been able to use things like the eviid app to help policyholders capture video evidence that allows us to process claims faster, there was no simple, streamlined way of receiving existing multimedia evidence from external sources such as dash cams, CCTV and evidence captured ad-hoc on smartphones.”

John Ridd, CEO of eviid, added: “Our ongoing mission is to make using multimedia material as easy as possible, even in enterprise environments. We’re living in a visual age and consumers increasingly use their smartphones or other digital devices to capture the world around them. Forward-thinking companies like LV= are responding to this by making it simple for customers to communicate with them visually.”

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