XL Catlin offers Leisure Protect to attractions at risk from catastrophic injury and terrorism


XL Catlin has launched a new insurance package aimed at medium and large visitor attractions to assist with catastrophic injuries and a range of security threats.

Initially available in the UK and Ireland, XL Catlin’s new Leisure Protect comes with location limits of up to $25 million for bodily injury, property damage and business interruption resulting from a range of catastrophic events including security-related threats, from workplace violence to terrorism.

The solution also delivers 24/7 expert crisis response support—provided by business communications consultancy Instinctif Partners—for the first 48 hours following an incident, as well as comprehensive business recovery assistance.

Additional digital risk management software capability can also be provided in conjunction with Mobaro Park.

Commenting, Paul Thomas, global product head for sport and leisure at XL Catlin, said: “Catastrophic injury and security-related risks are a major concern for visitor attractions around the world. Having the right insurance cover in place is essential, not only for the financial protection it provides for property, business interruption and third-party liabilities, but also for the crisis response support it can offer should an incident take place.”

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