Associations to create a register for mediators in personal injury and clinical negligence claims


The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), the Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL) and the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) are creating a register for mediators in personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

The three groups recognised that there is a shortage of places to find and appoint a mediator for injury cases specifically. They are now calling on mediators to join the AFM Register of Mediators ahead of its launch this summer.

“Mediation is a useful tool for practitioners and can be an effective way to resolve matters for injured people particularly when a case has additional sensitivities, such as when there is a relationship to salvage with an employer,” explained APIL president Brett Dixon. “What we need is access to the right people to help.”

FOIL CEO Laurence Besemer said: “With the Civil Justice Council working party looking at compulsory mediation and the long-standing approach of the courts penalising refusal to mediate with costs sanctions, the time is clearly right to launch this register. FOIL is delighted to have played its part in making this idea a reality”.

MASS Chair Simon Stanfield commented: “MASS supports mediation where appropriate as a very good way of resolving difficult disputes and giving claimants an opportunity to explain direct to the defendant or their insurers how the accident has affected their lives. This register will be a very good way for our members to access mediators with appropriate experience and expertise.”

Specialist personal injury and clinical negligence mediator Tim Wallis co-ordinated the project.

Mediators who would like to be a part of the register or would like more information should visit

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