Chubb upgrades cyber incident response capabilities


Chubb has enhanced its cyber incident response management capabilities and launched two new ways of accessing the service.

The insurer has expanded its network of incident response management firms to include services in more than 50 countries across Europe, North and South America, the Asia Pacific, and Africa.

Using the newly-expanded incident response network, managers are assigned based on the location of the incident, meaning Chubb cyber policyholders have access to local expertise around the world, 24 hours per day.

To access this cyber solution, Chubb has also launched a mobile app and a dedicated website to help policyholders report an incident.

The Chubb Cyber Alert mobile app provides customers with a simple, efficient and immediate means of obtaining assistance when an event occurs. The app also provides policyholders with access to a live cyber response specialist.

The app can be used by an individual or integrated into larger corporate incident response plans and is offered with a new dedicated website that clients can also use for reporting incidents.

The new service is available in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian, German, Flemish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Turkish, Korean and Japanese.

All of these enhancements are supported by Chubb’s call centre and technology partner, Spill Center.

Tim Stapleton, cyber insurance product manager and technology industry practice leader at Chubb Overseas General Insurance, commented: “The ability to respond rapidly to a cyber incident is critical to minimise any potential impact to a business which has suffered a breach. Delays can exacerbate damage and create further issues in terms of business continuity and also cause problems from a reputational perspective.”

“The combination of Chubb’s new incident reporting capabilities and the partnership with Spill allows us to provide expert assistance even faster than before to customers affected by a cyber breach, meaning we can process claims quicker and help limit any further problems.”

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