Aviva adds dash cam to Drive app


Aviva has added dash cam functionality to its Drive app to make it easier for motorists to make a claim.

Users of the Drive app can now use their smartphones as dash cams, regardless of whether they hold an Aviva policy. The functionality adds to the app’s existing ability to track acceleration, cornering and braking.

The Aviva dash cam automatically detects collisions using an undisclosed motion reading from the smartphone sensor data.

Once a potential crash is detected, the dash cam, which otherwise records journeys in short, unsaved loops, pauses filming and saves the clip directly to the app. Users can also manually save footage, with the ability to play recordings back or share them with their insurer via the clips section of the app.

Aviva only has access to dash cam footage if submitted by the user, with no effect on any insurance policy should it be withheld.

“However, dash cam recordings can help support motor insurance claims,” Aviva urged, “by acting as video evidence that can clearly prove who was at fault and help to explain any unexplainable circumstances to their insurer. In some cases, the footage can also support any legal claims and avoid potentially lengthy liability disputes.”

The footage can be submitted to Aviva via email or directly through the Aviva Drive app, without the need for editing.

Blair Turnbull, Aviva’s managing director of digital and retail, commented: “Around 11 million motorists in the UK now use dash cams with the technology becoming more affordable as it becomes more popular. Despite the widespread consensus of the benefits of dash cams however, there are still a number of motorists on the roads driving without one. Our dash cam feature of the Aviva Drive app goes one step further and offers all motorists access to this software for free, without the need for a new, physical gadget.”

“We’re striving to make the claims process as easy and simple as possible and harnessing the power of technology such as dash cams to reduce complexity for consumers. Dash cams can act as an independent witness that is always on, with the video footage often proving vital in settling claims or in explaining any road incidents to police. We know that some things are tricky to explain, but the Aviva Drive app means that motorists can have the peace of mind knowing that if the unexpected should happen when travelling from A to B, it’s been captured on camera.”

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