Car crash victim wins £3.3 million in compensation


A woman who suffered serious injuries as a result of a car crash that also took her boyfriend’s life has won £3.3 million in compensation.

Zenith Insurance has reportedly agreed to pay £3.3 million to Christina Vibert to settle the case, after failing to convince a judge in the Court of Session in Edinburgh that her injuries, which have left her requiring a wheelchair to travel long distances, were partly the fault of a third party who was racing Vibert’s boyfriend at the time of the crash.

The car, driven by Vibert’s boyfriend, Ross Graham, and insured by Zenith, became trapped beneath the trailer of a lorry after it plunged into a roundabout.

Zenith reportedly argued that Graham had been racing another driver at the time, and the third party’s insurer was liable for some of Vibert’s compensation.

But the Court of Session in Edinburgh found no evidence to support this claim and ruled that the collision was entirely the fault of Graham, who was said to have smoked cannabis before driving, according to the The Scotsman.

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