Ex-DAS CEO Paul Asplin receives prison sentence for fraud


Former DAS Insurance CEO Paul Asplin has been sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud.

David Kearns, a former claims director at DAS Insurance, and Asplin’s ex-wife, Sally Jones, also received prison sentences for the role in the fraud.

All three will serve half of their sentences, with the rest of the time suspended.

Asplin, Kearns and Jones were found guilty of conspiring to defraud DAS Insurance at Southwark Crown Court.

Several others, who were also accused fraud and related charges, were found not guilty.

The trial at Southwark Crown Court revealed that Asplin failed to declare his stakes in two claims service providers, to which he passed on a significant body of work without disclosing his financial interest in any partnerships.

DAS Insurance said in a statement that it was pleased with the outcome and glad that it pursued the matter to its conclusion after finding evidence of wrongdoing.

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