Allianz Partners launches innovation centres


Allianz Partners has established three new innovation centres to develop products and services in travel, health and assistance.

Based on its automotive innovation centre, launched in 2014, the insurer will open its new hubs to external partners and conceptualise, test and implement innovative processes, products and business models.

The centres have already produced proactive travel insurance, which automatically triggers payments to clients if their trip is delayed while they wait at the airport or station, as well as a video consultation platform that guides the user through an assessment to detect potential medical conditions, and digital risks and smart home service propositions.

Going forward, they’ll work to further digitise the traveler’s customer journey, roll out its symptom checker globally and develop pilots in artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The Allianz Partners automotive innovation centre has worked closely with automotive manufacturers on connected cars, e-mobility, autonomous driving and shared mobility.

Recent successes include international cooperation with mobility providers such as Car2Go, autonomous driving providers such as EasyMile and the launch of a usage-based insurance product with car brands such as Seat and Opel.

Dan Assouline, chief market and digital officer at Allianz Partners, said: “In an environment where the insurance market is constantly being challenged by technological evolutions and revolutions, Allianz Partners, thanks to its unique combination of insurance, service and technology, is further strengthening its commitment and capacity to innovate.”

Jacob Fuest, head of innovation at Allianz Partners, added: “Clients are at the centre of all innovation and transformation at Allianz Partners. We are proud of our most recent product releases and will continue to focus on this path, with an even stronger setup in 2018 and beyond.”

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