H&H Insurance Brokers launches new service for complex claims


H&H Insurance Brokers has launched a new service aimed at helping policyholders through complex claims.

The rural and commercial insurance broker’s new Claims Assistance Service furnishes a policyholder with their own personal chartered loss adjuster in the event of a major loss or claim.

The service is designed to work in the interests of claimants, in response to feedback that the claims process doesn’t always work in their favour when there is a degree of complexity involved, according to H&H Insurance Brokers.

Three tiers of cover are available for an annual fee of £47 up to £250, with a minimum of 10 hours professional support at the cheapest rate and unlimited at the highest.

Complex claims such as significant damage to a premises, which could lead to the loss of stock and/or damage to machinery and feed, the cost of alternative premises, and the appointment of structural engineers, surveyors and contractors, are ideally suited to the new service.

“It is in these more technical and complex circumstances that the Claims Assistance Service will provide reassurance and a guarantee that your best interests are being served,” explained Paul Graham managing director of H&H Insurance Brokers.

“When the claim involves a number of parties, it becomes complex and detailed and takes time. Through our Claims Assistance Service, our clients have the benefit of a professional and dedicated loss adjuster, and the added support and protection this ensures.”

He added: “Our aim is to ensure our customers receive the best service possible and this is taking the level of service that we offer to them, to the next level. We are delighted with this and excited to launch this improved service to our clients which we believe is a natural progression to the qualitative claims service we already offer.”

The Claims Assistance Service is provided by claims adjusting service CEC Claims.

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