Zurich launches a global start-up competition


Zurich has launched a new global competition to collaborate with the best start-ups and entrepreneurs in the insurtech space.

The Zurich Innovation World Championship, which focuses on start-ups with established products or services, will provide the winners with the opportunity to apply their solutions for the insurer’s customers in selected countries.

Running in more than 20 countries worldwide, the championship is looking for start-ups in the fields of mobility, smart homes and buildings, digital health, and financial planning.

The closing date for start-ups to apply is 30 September. They can do so via the Championship webpage.

Giovanni Giuliani, group chief strategy, innovation and business development officer, commented: “Zurich is committed to being a ground-breaking customer-led insurer and wants to accelerate the transformation of its business model by refocusing its offerings to ensure they meet the needs of today’s digital-savvy customers.”

“The Zurich Innovation World Championship will give entrepreneurs the opportunity to drive transformation of the insurance industry.”

The championship kicked off in individual countries on 30 August, with the overall winners in each going on to a regional round.

The winners of the North America, Latin America, Europe and Middle East and Asia Pacific regional rounds will then take part in a final global competition.

The final round will take place in February 2019, with the bronze, silver and gold winners each receiving the resources to implement a pilot programme with Zurich customers. Winners will be selected by juries of subject matter experts, innovation leaders and senior business executives.

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