Satellite imagery and intelligence service makes for faster and easier claims following major catastrophes, says LMA


The Lloyd’s Market Association’s (LMA) new high-tech satellite imagery and intelligence service is making it easier and faster for managing agents and their delegated parties to pay claims in the wake of major disasters, according to claims director Lee Elliston.

The LMA’s service combines detailed satellite imagery and radar, with CCTV and drone footage, weather databases, social media posts, and local news broadcasts, to provide managing agents with damage data at an individual property level in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophe.

“That enables Lloyd’s managing agents to assess damage from major claims event events far quicker than was ever previously possible,” Elliston explained in a recent article.

The service was first used successfully in the wake of hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria last year, just after its launch, Elliston confirmed. It has now been enhanced, with further developments in the pipeline.

According to Elliston, Version 2, which went live in the summer of 2018, now includes a geocode search tool, and new desktop views that enable managing agents to find an insured property fast, and therefore to make a remote adjustment decision almost immediately.

Users can now compare pre- and post-loss images to assess damage. The latest version also splits out data into 24-, 72-, and 168-hour views specifically tailored to the needs of underwriters, claims professionals, and reinsurance teams.

Supplied by McKenzie Intelligence Service (MIS), the enhanced facility was activated to provide real-time information about hurricanes Florence and Michael, and this year’s series of US wildfires.

“Again it proved its worth,” Elliston wrote, “proving particularly valuable for wildfire claims, since it quickly allows underwriters to literally see if an insured property has been destroyed.”

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