SGS Motor: A key player in the insurance sector


SGS Motor has been a key player in the insurance sector for more than two decades and a pillar of the Blackpool community. Chief operating officer Stuart Russell discusses the business and where it will go next

What’s the background of Slater Gordon Solutions Motor?

Stuart Russell: This year marks 25 years of serving the insurance sector from our centre in Blackpool. In 2015, Slater and Gordon acquired the business known as Auto Indemnity (AI), and subsequently rebranded it as Slater Gordon Solutions (SGS) Motor.

SGS Motor has a proven and impressive track record of implementing and managing solutions for some of the UK’s largest and most prominent insurers and brokers. Our primary focus is on customer satisfaction and supporting the retention of customers for our partners. We pride ourselves on being agile, flexible and able to evolve with our partner’s requirements and to be able to consistently provide the best possible service for our customer base.

What areas does the company specialise in? Which markets does it serve?

Russell: Our core services are 24/7 First Notification of Loss (FNOL), combined with post-accident/incident, mobility and repair services. Being part of Slater and Gordon allows us to provide further complimentary services such as rehabilitation and legal services.

Our heritage lies in the motor insurer and insurance broker sectors, but our services also lend themselves very well to large self-insured fleets, as well as managing general agents.

Are Slater Gordon’s services provided in-house or does the company work with partners? What are the benefits of this approach?

Our platform is one of the UK’s largest fully integrated claims management businesses. We manage more than 50,000 motor claims each year, which are all processed by our in-house team, who then provide a wide range of services including hire, repair, legal representation and rehabilitation. We offer a complete end-to-end solution managing volume, service and price.

How does Slater Gordon champion customer service as a key company value?

Russell: Directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, we place the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our dedicated customer excellence team operate with independence and act as the voice of the customer in all aspects of their claim.

Using an award-winning ‘voice of the customer’ tool, we gather Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) data, while measuring the performance of our advisers and supporting their needs. I am really proud of our customer satisfaction scores, which are consistently above the UK benchmark. I think this is a great testament to our commitment to supporting our customers throughout their claim journeys.

At a time when costs are a cause for concern, how can SGS Motor offer value and effective products and services?

Russell: We have an established third-party intervention offering, with a dedicated team who are excellent at delivering results, with reduced key-to-key time and courtesy car utilisation, both of which drive indemnity spend lower.

With the level of uncertainty that the Civil Liability Bill brings, including the effect of Ogden and ‘whiplash’ reforms, having an effective intervention partner can provide a level of predictability around costs and support insurers in determining rates in a fluctuating market.

What is in the pipeline for SGS Motor in the future? Does the company have any plans for expansion or new services?

Russell: The vision is to be the employer of choice in the Blackpool area and be the partner of choice for insurers, brokers and associated sectors.

Slater and Gordon plans to invest more than £30 million in new technology and the broadening of our service offering over the next three years to transform the way people access all of our services in the UK.

This will include new and innovative solutions for our partners, and their customers, making sure that the service we deliver enhances and improves the entire FNOL supply chain and making SGS Motor the market leader in providing outsourced solutions for our insurers and brokers. To see how SGS Motor can help you and your business, give us a call on 0344 571 3333, or contact group business development manager Ian Davies by emailing

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