‘Hit wild animal’ claims on the rise, finds AA Insurance


Drivers are increasingly claiming on their insurance for hitting wild animals, according to an AA Insurance survey of more than 17,500 people.

The number of ‘hit wild animal’ claims has risen by 15% over a three-year period, with an average damage claim value of £2,300.

The study by AA Insurance reported the most common victim species of road users, with badgers (51%), foxes (48%) and pheasants (38%) suffering worst.

Hedgehogs and squirrels are also common victims, while sheep, cows and even wild boars were reported dead on the road.

Last month, the Department for Transport unveiled a new road sign advising drivers to look out for smaller animals, which often feature high on roadkill statistics.

Janet Connor, managing director for AA Insurance services, commented: “Britain is blessed to have a variety of wild and wonderful animals, but unfortunately too many are killed in collisions with cars.”

“Only 40% of drivers slow down and drive more vigilantly when they see a warning sign. Signs can be an important indication of a potential danger, and drivers should remember that hitting an animal could be a dangerous and costly experience.”

He added: “While most drivers will be on the lookout for larger animals like deer and badgers, smaller animals like rabbits, hedgehogs and squirrels can cause damage too, as well as adversely affect their population.”

“We hope that the new small mammal warning sign revealed by the Department for Transport last month means that drivers will slow down and remember to look out for all creatures great and small.”


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