Call Brian reveals online injury claims service for motorists


New automated accident management company Call Brian is hoping to shake up the insurance market after launching in response the UK government’s whiplash reform programme.

Call Brian has launched its own personal injury claims service, which takes under 10 minutes to complete, for motorists unfortunate enough to be caught in a road accident.

The Telford-based firm, which has brought in former National Accident Helpline boss Russell Atkinson to spearhead its growth, is hoping to pose competition to traditional insurers, as well as the government’s own personal injury system, after the long-awaited changes to the Civil Liability Act came into effect on 31 May.

Under the new rules, which saw the small claims track limit raised to £5000, motorists will be able to make their own personal injury claims through the government’s Official Injury Claim portal.

Yet many motorists are seeking alternative, quicker options elsewhere, because the Official Injury Claim portal is a complicated process and little support is provided beyond a 64-page legally-dense document, according to Call Brian.

“At Call Brian, we offer a simple and comprehensive solution to whiplash and soft tissue injury,” said Russell. “We take care of it all, from start to finish and in as little as 13 weeks. Claimants have enough to deal with without having to file a claim themselves, so we do it all for them—no if’s, no and’s, no buts.”

Russell explained that approximately 90% of road traffic accidents would be caught under the reforms, meaning the damages payable to a road traffic injury victim may in many cases now be less than a typical flight delay claim.

He continued: “The notion of ‘cash for crash’ is no more, and with motorists experiencing three to four road traffic accidents in their lives, there needs to be a protection of the principle of access to justice, which is where Call Brian comes in.”

Call Brian is offering numerous benefits to motorists choosing to come direct, including a free-of-charge 24/7 service, carrying out ID checks, preparing retainer documentation, sending automatic chaser messages to clients, and critically, scheduling in medical appointments, which are now mandatory for claimants seeking compensation through the Medco system.

A triage nurse will be assigned in each case, with private physiotherapy care provided free of charge.

Backing the business benefits was Call Brian chief executive officer Colin Shaw: “We’re aiming to shake up the market.”

“What Call Brian is offering is a free of charge service, with legal representation and no hidden costs. You don’t need to be a medical genius or a qualified lawyer to settle an injury claim, as everything is completely self-managed by Call Brian from start to finish.”

“We can’t wait to see the response.”


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