Zurich picks SYNETIQ for reusable vehicle parts


Zurich Insurance UK has struck a three-year deal to source reusable vehicle parts from SYNETIQ.

The salvage, dismantling and vehicle recycling company will support Zurich’s push to eliminate CO2 emissions created by manufacturing new items.

SYNETIQ says sourcing so-called ‘green’ vehicle parts has enabled it to avoid more than 5.5 million kilos of CO2 during the last two years.

Under the contract, Zurich will source original equipment (OE), non-safety critical items, such as doors, headlamps and tailgates, from SYNETIQ’s inventory.

According to SYNETIQ, all of its items are cleaned, checked and graded based on condition, and are procured through the company’s automated digital platform, mygreenparts, which provides real-time data and insight on environmental and financial savings. 

SYNETIQ and Allianx Insurance launched mygreenparts earlier this year promising to enable its users to measure and report the emissions and carbon savings they achieve through the use of these vehicle parts. 

‘A more sustainable way’ 

Commenting on the agreement, David Nichols, chief claims officer at Zurich said: “Green parts are a more sustainable way to repair components that are non-safety critical. By extending the life of parts that would otherwise be scrapped, we can reduce harmful carbon emissions while continuing to offer our customers high quality repairs.  This partnership reflects our wider commitment to embed sustainability across our business, and we very much look forward to working with SYNETIQ.”

Neale Laker, green parts director at SYNETIQ, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Zurich as we join them in their green parts venture and embark on a joint sustainability journey.”

“Green parts play an important role in helping us all become more sustainable and to help to reduce the motor insurance industry’s carbon footprint.”

Laker continued: “Figures from a recent study carried out on our own parts procurement platform showed that in the past two years alone, the CO2 emissions saved as a result of using SYNETIQ green parts are enough to power 1000 homes for a year.”

“At SYNETIQ, all our green parts conform to BS10125 making them perfectly fit for reuse which in turn, reduces waste and the need for unnecessary manufacturing—resulting in a positive environmental impact.”

“As well as the green credentials, there are a number of other benefits. By adopting used OE parts, vehicles receive a like-for-like replacement—supplying parts from the exact same make and model. This stacks up well against sourcing a more expensive and less environmentally friendly brand-new equivalent or an aftermarket non-genuine part that may be of lower quality.” 

“We’re excited to be given this opportunity to work alongside an industry-leading insurer and to provide a quality green parts service which will not only produce efficiency and cost savings but will heavily contribute towards their own sustainability commitments.” 


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