DAC Beachcroft and AIS launch digital tool to help motor insurers meet OIC liability response deadline


Law firm DAC Beachcroft and insurtech Automated Insurance Solutions (AIS) have launched ACE, an automated digital solution for gathering evidence and preparing compliant witness statements quickly, to enable motor insurers to dispute liability in the Official Injury Claim (OIC) portal.

Under the new claims process, motor insurers have only 30 working days to upload a compliant witness statement to the OIC portal on behalf of the defendant driver, accompanied by a signed Statement of Truth, if they wish to dispute liability for the accident.

If no liability dispute has been raised within the 30 working days, insurers cannot after that time defend the claim on the issue of liability.

“Our new ACE tool provides a simple, low cost, automated digital solution to a very real challenge for motor insurers, if they are disputing liability,” explained Peter Allchorne, partner and head of DAC Beachcroft’s Innovations Lab.

“Defendants have always had to provide a signed Statement of Truth when defending a claim, but this must now be prepared, signed and submitted within 30 days. Obtaining the necessary evidence from the defendant driver for the statement could previously take many weeks but under the new OIC process, insurers don’t have the luxury of that time.”

“The new tool enables them to safeguard against the risk of claims with reasonable prospects of being successfully defended from being compromised.”

A joint collaboration, the online tool is powered by AIS’s BAIL platform, while DAC Beachcroft’s specialist motor lawyers developed the question set that defendant drivers must answer so as to compile statements that comply with the new OIC requirements.

Craig Dickson, chief executive officer of DAC Beachcroft’s claims solutions group, said: “We are constantly looking for ways to introduce further automation and efficiencies that benefit our clients. By collaborating with AIS, we have been able to develop yet another innovative solution that makes life easier for our insurer clients.”


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