AA highlights lack of breakdown coverage


The AA has revealed that 10,000 drivers broke down on motorways last year and immediately joined the breakdown provider as they had no cover.

Nearly 10% of all of the breakdown provider’s motorway jobs in 2021 were for people who only bought cover in their hour of need.

This puts drivers without cover at risk of having to pay £150 to National Highways if their vehicles break down on motorways and require towing away.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: “Too many drivers have had an avoidable breakdown in a dangerous location. While we are always there to help, buying cover at the roadside adds unnecessary stress and expense to an already tense situation.”

“Purchasing our cover gives you peace of mind for a whole year, and our award winning five-star patrols will try and repair your vehicles once you are in a place of safety.”

“However, it is always best to prevent breaking down in the first place, so checking your tyres, oil and fuel are easiest ways to keep you safe.”


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