STEPS Rehabilitation rolls out neuro-restorative digital therapeutic technology


STEPS Rehabilitation is now home to an immersive neuro-animation experience that delivers brain repair.

The MindPod is a digital therapeutic platform for neuro-restoration by MindMaze, a provider of digital neuro-therapeutics solutions with a mission to accelerate the brain’s ability to recover, learn and adapt.

MindPod is an immersive gaming environment for adults that involves clients controlling the movement of an animated dolphin and other sea creatures, as part of their rehabilitation programme.

STEPS is using this innovative neuro-restorative digital therapeutic technology to support intensive rehabilitation for people recovering from brain injury, spinal cord injury, complex trauma injuries, and stroke.

A recently completed study shows that the MindPod doubles the effectiveness of conventional rehab for upper limb recovery in stroke, and STEPS plan to undertake new clinical studies to see how these results translate across other client groups.

Jules Leahy, business development director at STEPS, said: “Being involved from the outset of the start of the digital therapeutics revolution the UK is extremely exciting.”

“What’s truly special and unique is that this is all delivered in our purpose-built residential setting supported by our specialist team of clinicians who are experts in their field.”

“We’re delighted that by giving clients access to this incredible technology in conjunction with everything thing else STEPS offers as a residential rehabilitation facility, we will be maximising the opportunity for each client to reach their full potential.”


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