Autoglass opens four new centres in response to demand for safety camera recalibrations


Autoglass has opened four new centres in response to rapidly increasing demand for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) recalibration services.

The vehicle glass repair, replacement and recalibration company opened the new ‘pod-style’ centres, in Basildon, Colchester, Warminster and Brent Cross (pictured), in response to finding that one in four (24%) of all windscreen replacements that it carried in 2021 required ADAS recalibration.

Autoglass opted to open centres rather than rely on mobile technicians because the recalibration of vehicle safety sensors is a complex process that requires stable testing conditions.

Each new centre has been opened in opened in convenient locations such as retail car parks to ensure easy access for customers and to minimise time off the road.

Tim Camm, technical training manager at Autoglass, commented: “Autoglass was the first to market with an ADAS recalibration solution in the UK and our consistent investment has allowed us to lead the industry as the technologies become more prevalent across the country.”

“Recalibration is critical for these safety systems to be fully functional, but it is still too often just an afterthought for many drivers. These new centres provide more locations where we can accurately recalibrate vehicles’ ADAS sensors, minimising the time drivers must spend off the road and, most importantly, improving the safety of the UK’s drivers.”

Image: Autoglass

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