HCML expands corporate services division


HCML, the provider of rehabilitation treatment and case management solutions, has expanded its corporate services division in response to increased demand.

The company has seen a 78% increase in the number of new customers accessing its services since the start of 2020, and with a 30% rise in the number of employees being screened per month, it has further developed its occupational health and employee wellbeing services.

Over the last 12 months, HCML’s clinical team of occupational health and case management experts have seen a 25% growth in delivery of early intervention management referral services compared to pre-COVID-19 levels. The average time from referral to assessment is three working days with the time from assessment to report two working days.

The development of its digital treatment pathway has seen average case lengths reduce by up to two weeks.

To support this growth, HCML has developed technology to speed up processes such as online referral and questionnaires with plans to introduce further automation and digitisation opportunities for the wider business over the coming months.

Overall, HCML has reduced the time between referral and assessment by 24% across all of its service lines since pre-COVID-19 times.

Following the acquisition of HCML by Apposite Capital last year, the company has made significant changes to the way it delivers occupational health and employee wellbeing services.

This includes streamlining services and increasing the suite of options available to customers. There is also a renewed focus on advancing and delivering digital healthcare plans.

Bespoke Management Referral solutions provide thorough clinical assessments delivered via vocational rehabilitation clinicians each with their own area of expertise. In contrast to a GP, they provide “specialist insight in their area of primary expertise, offering independent and practical advice on managing employee health and return to work”, according to HCML.

As part of the expansion of its corporate services division, HCML has remodelled its Management Referrals service to ensure employees and employers are supported in the right way at the right time.

This includes workplace capability assessment for employees with more complex needs, as well as enabling faster access to treatment through digital and telephonic services.

A coordinated follow up pathway has also been introduced across all of HCML’s Management Referral services to better manage employee workplace absence and presenteeism, ensuring both the employer and the employee remain supported post-assessment.

HCML also now offers a range of standalone and post-assessment physiotherapy and psychotherapy treatment services through its clinically audited network of clinics, a digital treatment platform, traditional occupational health services, and expert consultancy to support organisational wellbeing programmes.

Nick Delaney, chief executive officer at HCML, said: “Facilitating a safe and sustainable return to work for any employee who has had to take a leave of absence is the key priority. We want employees to feel supported and ensure they receive the right treatment for their recovery. This isn’t a quick fix solution, this is about getting lasting results.”

“We know that the quicker a patient can access care, the better and faster their recovery outcome is likely to be. It’s a win-win for both employee and employer. In a post-pandemic world, helping employees to feel supported with their wellbeing prioritised by their employer is invaluable and goes a long way in terms of employee morale and loyalty.”

“We pride ourselves on being a reliable, collaborative provider and partner helping you to meet your business’ occupational health and employee wellbeing needs and this expansion of our corporate services division is testament to that.”

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