Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd

Forensic Healthcare Services Ltd (FHC) was established in 1999 by a group of doctors experienced in law, medicine and science to provide training, consultancy and expert witnesses within the justice setting. For more than fifteen years, FHC has been one of the leading providers of medical and other experts in all areas of the law.
We take instruction from a wide range of solicitors and barristers for cases including clinical, personal injury, criminal, child care/family, prison healthcare, motoring, criminal negligence and civil across the UK and internationally. We have a particular expertise and skill in complex, multi-faceted cases requiring a range of experts.
We also take instruction from many public bodies such as the NHS Litigation Authority, the Legal Aid Agency, Prison Probation Ombudsman, Service Prosecution Authority, Insurance Companies, Loss Adjusters and the General Medical Council.
We now have over 900 experts, including a national panel of GPs, providing reports for, and giving evidence in, 300 specialities including scientific, technical and many other specialisations including soft tissue injury cases. FHC have a highly experienced administrative team who manage the medico-legal cases using a bespoke Proclaim Case Management system and as part of our ISO 9001 accreditation, expeditious and quality customer service is central to our business.