Airmic represents mainly UK-based risk managers and corporate insurance buyers, with a total spend worth at least £5bn annually. Its membership encompasses nearly 500 companies, including 70% of the FTSE 100. It regularly publishes research and technical documents, many of them related to insurance, and specifically to claims. These include a guide to claims best practice, a voluntary code of practice for reservation of rights and the insertion of clauses intended to ensure that valid claims are paid promptly. it is currently working on a guide to complex claims.

Airmic lobbies on behalf of insurance buyers, and was instrumental in two pieces of recent legislation. The Insurance Act (2015) followed years of campaigning by the association to change the legal framework for commercial insurance to give buyers more certainty that claims will be paid. The Enterprise Act (2016) includes a clause promoted by Airmic to give policyholders the right to damages for late payment of claims. Airmic regularly holds Academy sessions and other types of workshop for its members, and its annual conference is the primary UK event for risk and insurance. The association is administered by a secretariat overseen by a board, elected by and from the membership. For further information contact or go to