Established in the UK in 2006 and forming part of a €1.8 billion worldwide insurance group, ARAG is a specialist provider totally focused in the provision of legal protection insurance for all areas of litigation, and with an ethos of providing every citizen with the ability to assert their legal rights, not just those who can afford it.

Our flat-rated ATE premium structure is the simplest way for solicitors to provide a client with absolute clarity at the outset of the case, removing the uncertainty of second or multi-staged premiums during the course of the case. This approach puts the clients’ mind at rest and both you and the client can move forward with the case knowing that there are no additional insurance costs to be deducted from damages. And the simplicity doesn’t stop there.

Our streamlined administration system allows solicitors to issue policies at the press of a button. With a unique username and password, access is gained through the web, and after entering details of the case allows solicitors to obtain the premium and immediately place clients on cover. The premium is contingent on the claimant securing damages, so is not payable until conclusion of the claim.

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