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Insurance MyClaim

National legal and insurance services provider Carpenters has launched MyClaim app for its insurance clients, enabling them to receive up-to-the-minute communication and submit instructions, information and documents quickly and conveniently through its portal

Insurance AA

The average price for a comprehensive car insurance policy has fallen for the third consecutive quarter, as insurers react to anticipated government reform of spurious claims activity, according to the latest AA British Insurance Premium Index

Insurance Ghost

A ghost broker who sold fake car insurance policies and made fraudulent motor insurance claims worth £321,000 for fictional car accidents has been sentenced to almost four years in prison

Insurance Civil Liability Bill

Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) president Brett Dixon has mocked the £35 ‘saving’ that the government and insurers put forward as the chief benefit of passing the Civil Liability Bill, pointing out that the “princely sum” off the cost of annual car insurance policies is tantamount to “a round of beers in the hotel bar”

Injury BLM

Law firm BLM has successfully defended a catastrophic brain injury case that centred on whether a supplier of security services was vicariously liable for an assault committed by a doorman at a nightclub it serviced

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