The awards are judged by an independent panel of experts—who give their free time to assess entries—chosen for their expertise, experience and positions in the industry and its various sectors

  • Judges give their free time to participate in the judging process.
  • Judges with conflicts of interest in categories will not participate in the judging of those categories.
  • Following the deadline, judges are sent every entry, which are provided in the same format and without any material that goes against the terms and conditions.
  • Judges score each entry according to the criteria of each category.
  • They then meet to discuss their scores and make a final decision during a single day of judging, based on the contents of the written or video entry.
  • The judging process is confidential and all decisions are final.
  • Feedback is provided for winning entries, however, due to the high volume of entries, feedback cannot be provided for anyone else.