Welcome from the chair

Mark Shepherd is assistant director and head of general insurance at the ABI

On behalf of Barker Brooks and Claims Media, welcome to the 2022 British Claims Awards, where we celebrate the achievements of professionals from across all parts of the claims sector.

My name is Mark Shepherd and I had the honour this year to chair the panel of judges for the 2022 British Claims Awards.

Claims are at the heart of what we do, day in day out. The submissions that my fellow judges and I received were a clear demonstration to us of the innovation, agility and compassion of the insurance industry in making good on its key promise to its customers.

Every organisation represented at the awards tonight is facing the same challenge: how to continue to meet changing customer demand, while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible. With ever more innovative ways being developed to help serve customer needs and technology increasingly being used to make processes more efficient and effective, it is important for us all to remember that at the heart of the claims system are people—people with individual characteristics and individual needs.

Once again, these awards recognise the importance of having the customer at the core of all that we do and that customer centricity is the key to being a success in our industry. As we continue to manage the challenges of the pandemic, its effects on people and businesses, including our own staff and our own ways of working, we should be proud of the way we continue to adapt to achieve incredible things for our customers.

When considering the award submissions, we looked for those organisations that hadn’t focused on just the business as usual, but who had really excelled in delivering a better customer experience or who had challenged the norm and improved our industry for the better. And whether winners or not, the fact that we had so many submissions that met such high standards is something we should all collectively celebrate tonight.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to enter these important awards, the amazing winners, my fantastic fellow judges and all of you for the part you play in making this industry recognised as one that continues to be truly world-leading.