Beechwood Solutions

Getting the best returns from your marketing investment is more important now than ever. If you regularly act for clients who live some distance from your office, we can help make your marketing budget stretch further. Beechwood Solutions Ltd is a nationwide network of field agents who have attended clients for claimant solicitors since 2004. Our primary function is to assist with the completion of Conditional Fee Agreements and associated documentation.

Many claims are started without the solicitor and client meeting face to face; however, clients are reassured, and prefer to see someone about their claim at the outset. Clients often find CFA paperwork off-putting. The actual wording is far removed from what may have been expected, as No Win-No Fee marketing can create an over simplified impression of the true situation. This is where using a local agent makes all the difference. Our involvement increases the number of clients choosing to proceed with you, and creates a positive view of your firm, so vital at the start of your relationship with a new client.

In a nutshell, Beechwood means more of the clients you want going ahead, plus your paperwork is returned faster and more accurately.