CBT Clinics

CBT Clinics are an award-winning nationwide provider of psychological treatment providing first class rehabilitation services to a broad range of clients within the personal injury, employee wellbeing and insurance sectors. Our panel of experts have been carefully selected through our clinical governance procedures and their ability to provide excellent evidence-based psychological intervention, delivering the best possible outcome to support recovery following injury and return to work.

CBT Clinics have established an unrivalled reputation for efficiency in service delivery, clinical outcome excellence and customer satisfaction. We have a nationwide network of 2000 clinicians consisting of Clinical Psychologists, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists, EMDR Consultants, Neuro-Psychologists, Counsellors and Psychiatrists. All clinicians are experienced in providing evidence based psychological therapy for a wide range of disorders from common mental health problems to complex PTSD, addictions and chronic pain.  

All of our case co-ordinators hold further education qualifications in mental health and/or are educated to degree/masters in psychology. Their understanding of mental issues, terminology and evidence-based treatment provided by our clinicians enables them to offer a superior service to our customers.

We have an outstanding reputation for clinical expertise and we place great value on exceeding the needs of our clients.