Claim Finance LLP

Claim Finance LLP will fund high value clinical negligence claims on a contingent basis. The funding scheme will meet interim fee and disbursement accounts according to an agreed budget. If the claim is successful Claim Finance will be repaid the fees advanced plus the value of disbursements recovered plus a fee. The fee is normally 25% of damages actually awarded or agreed excluding damages to pay for future care. If the claim is unsuccessful nothing at all is due to Claim Finance. There are no application or management fees.

Focus Insurance Limited has developed an ATE policy specifically to run parallel to the Claim Finance funding. If a claimant selects this policy the premiums will be paid by Claim Finance and only that premium proportion that is recovered from the third party will be repayable.

Funding is available for clinical negligence claims with good success prospects where the anticipated damages exceed £50,000.

Applications for funding will only be accepted in respect of claimants whose solicitor is on the Claim Finance panel.

If an offer of funding is made full terms and conditions will be included in the funding offer together with a draft funding agreement and ATE quote and terms.