2020 Investigations

Established in 2001 as First Legal Support we are now trading as 2020 Investigations due to our expansion and modern customer base. 2020 Investigations have a clear goal to be one of the UK’s leading outsourced accident investigation service providers.

We have been providing high quality investigative services to the legal and insurance industry since we began trading. Many of the customers we have today have been using us for over a decade.

We employ our own team of experienced professional investigators who have been employed by us for a number of years. We can ensure our customers receive bespoke high quality reports that they can rely on and professional advice on liability and credibility each and every time they instruct us, whilst having the ability to provide the completed job within the strict timescales. In addition to this, when we are dealing with clients and policy holders, we represent our customers and we know how important our customer service is as part of whole claims experience for their clients and policy holders.