Collect a Case

Solicitors and Claims Management companies are moving with the times and beginning to use digital signatures; our app allows us to move with them. Digital signatures are improving conversion rates, significantly decreasing turnaround times and increasing client satisfaction.

We can convert your existing CFA documentation into a digital form, have it signed in your client’s own handwriting and digitally returned along with KYC documentation including Primary Identification and Proof of Residency.

Utilising a Document Collection Company can be an essential part of your sales process and can considerably improve the return rate of your document with a seamless and paperless process.

We’re masters at Document collection and we have developed an in-house system that allows you to book your own appointments in real time. With over 800 field agents processing in excess of 15,000 appointments per month, you can trust Collect a Case to deliver your Accident Claim cases.

For a free demonstration please contact us on:

Tel: 01625 506 880
Twitter: @Collectacase