PI Solutions

PI-Solutions uniquely provides an ethical and viable alternative to personal injury (PI) departments or PI law firms considering their options in the market, helping them to achieve up to 100% of their work in progress (WIP) value with a fully managed and compliant run off.

Originally designed as a succession planning tool for retiring solicitors, today it offers a positive option for firms impacted by the huge changes in the legal sector in 2013 and now looking to restructure or exit the market completely.
PI-Solutions offers an alternative to selling WIP on a discounted basis, to another single firm or buying groups of solicitors, and to undertaking an internal run off with the huge challenges that brings. Instead, it works with a panel of claimant personal injury firms that are prepared to take cases to a conclusion for the value they add.

The company is led by founders David Johnstone and Sally Dunscombe, who have personal experience of managing major change and running off PI caseloads, as well as many years’ in the financial and legal sectors.