Clinical Negligence Debate 2020 - Sue BayramSUE BAYRAM

Independent Nurse Consultant, Expert Witness, and Civil and Commercial Mediator

Sue is an independent nurse consultant, experienced expert witness, and civil and commercial mediator.

With over 40 years of experience as a registered nurse, including 21 years experience as an expert witness for both claimants and defendants, Sue is well versed in dealing with a range of clinical negligence issues within general nursing in a range of settings.

Having qualified as a civil and commercial mediator in 2001, Sue mediates on a range of disputes, including clinical negligence.

Sue is passionate about the value of mediation within clinical negligence and recognises how using mediation to resolve clinical negligence claims can not only reduce costs for both parties, but can also result in an early settlement, which is important for the claimant, especially in terms of reducing the stress and emotional issues that arise before and during a negligence claim.

Sue recognises that it is important for claimants to seek the truth and also the acknowledgment that whatever the claim is about, would it have been possible for the care provider involved to have handled the issues in a more appropriate and compassionate way. It is not always possible for these issues to be explored during the process of litigation, but mediation is the ideal process for this to happen.