Nicholas Bevan

Nicholas Bevan is a solicitor with over 20 years experience in practice representing insurers and individual claimants.His specialist expertise is in pursuing claims against uninsured drivers, industrial disease, and catastrophic injury. Nicholas was recently senior counsel at Bond Pearce LLP where he advised both the liability insurance and personal injury departments and was also responsible for incepting its firm-wide training programme. He is a CEDR accredited mediator and is a regulatory compliance consultant.

Nicholas is a regular contributor to the New Law Journal and the Journal of Personal Injury Law. He is the author of Future Loss in Practice: periodical payments and lump sums, and the Quarterly Personal Injury Bulletin for Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service. He was awarded the top prize at the Personal Injury Awards 2008 for outstanding achievement, for his contribution to legal practice and his campaigning work on behalf of injured claimants.

He is particularly well known for his campaign to alert practitioners to the numerous flaws in the UK’s implementation of the European directives on motor insurance. These expose motor accident victims to risk of being undercompensated or, even to recovering nothing at all. His New Law Journal articles and outspoken criticism of some recent Court of Appeal decisions (now vindicated by a clutch of European Court of Justice rulings) precipitated a government review of both MIB Agreements. He coordinated a number of responses and was consulted by APIL and MASS.
In 2013 he was also approached by the Law Commission who consulted him on his proposals for extensive reform in this area. When the government failed to deliver on its promise of reform, he filed an infringement complaint at the European Commission citing over forty instances where our UK law breaches the minimum standards of compensatory protection required under European law. This is under active investigation.