Design for Independence

We are a team of housing occupational therapists working across the country, led by Anava Baruch – an expert in the field. We specialise in designing and adapting living spaces.

Expert Witness
We offer accommodation and equipment expert witness reports. Our expertise is not limited to physical disability – we also work for clients who have cognitive disabilities and visual impairment. Our skill is in interpreting complex medical and care needs into appropriate layouts and use of space. We have worked for clients throughout the UK and abroad.

Property search
We have the construction, medical and care knowledge necessary to find properties suitable for adaptation, and to ensure minimal adaptation is required. Our in-house estate agent monitors the market daily.

Designing adapted living spaces
We can work with either whole properties or individual rooms, such as wet rooms or kitchens. We regularly work with architects and surveyors to help them ensure their plans meet clients’ care and rehabilitation needs.

Assessing equipment needs and sourcing equipment
We make certain we are up-to-date with the latest equipment, furniture and fittings for assistive living, including assistive technology. We regularly save our clients substantial amounts of money by ensuring they purchase only the equipment they need.