Dr David Pearce

Dr David Pearce has been a GP expert witness for 19 years. He was involved in the mainstream medical reporting sector from 2000-2007, becoming chairman of AMRO during the Woollard v Fowler debacle and mediation, which led to the MRO agreement. Since 2007 he has turned his efforts into the creation of software enabling medical experts and MROs to co-exist on complimentary cloud based platforms. He wrote Corex, the only free text report writing software, along with the ePIsource MRO platform.

Since the inception of MedCo he has introduced the new Nephex MRO and Medical platform supporting Tier 2 MROs both within and outside the Qualitas accreditation scheme, Direct Medical Experts under the not for profit d2expert banner and a number of Tier 1 MROs are moving or launching on the platform in 2016.