Kerry Underwood

KERRY UNDERWOOD is Senior Partner of Underwoods Solicitors, a Living Wage firm, in Hemel Hempstead and Cape Town. Former Employment Judge, current Editor Costs and Funding section Butterworths Personal Injury Litigation Service. Author Fixed Costs and No Win No Fee No Worries, and ATE chapter of Insurance Disputes. Consultant to various countries and law firms, Kerry’s blogs are the definitive guide to costs and funding issues, attracting half a million visits and being quoted by the Supreme Court President and other senior judges. He appears regularly on BBC Radio and TV and is frequently asked to give expert evidence in funding and related matters in the Supreme Court and the Administrative Court.

Many of Kerry’s ideas, considered revolutionary at the time, are now standard practice. Kerry is now a highly influential figure in relation to the legal systems of this and other countries.

Underwoods Solicitors pioneered the offshoring of secretarial and other support functions to South Africa, where it now has a thriving business, and where it supports many charities.

His free blog is accessed at free of charge. Follow Kerry on Twitter @kerry_underwood.