Laird Expert

Laird Expert are the UK’s premier provider of Expert Witness reports.

They are most renowned for supplying automotive engineering reports for forensic use in the legal & insurance industry but over the last few years have evolved into other expert witness areas. After motor, their largest department is Languages, providing interpreters for Court, medical appointments & other meetings plus translators for converting legal documents into, or from, English.

Obsessed with having the latest useful technology, they are the only experts to provide API which links with case management systems such as Proclaim to ensure immediate & accurate data transfer from instruction to final report delivery. Their clients can book appointments such as Vehicle Inspections, Interpreters, Photographers, etc directly; great for customer service but also reduces third party intervention. Their portal allows clients to download copy reports, letters, photographs 24/7. These features make them an ideal choice for high volume clients wishing to streamline systems.

Laird offer a free opinion service which allows clients to run aspects of cases past an expert for their thoughts on the validity of the evidence. They pride themselves at being at the forefront of the industry, often found at legal, insurance & trade events.

Their client base includes Claimant, Defendant, Criminal, Police & Motor Trade so a fair, honest and technically accurate report is essential.

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